Re: jms publishing stuff---->question for JMS

 Posted on 1/17/2003 by to

>With the closing of DV, what other kind of promotion might you end up
>doing for this release? Might you do other local book signings, or
>something like the UCLA Festival of Books or BEA at the end of May? Just
>wondering, as I know this is a smaller press, so the book won't be as
>easy to find as some of the big publishers stuff. And, as usual, it's
>always nice to see you, and promoting your written material is more
>relaxed then one of your shows.

It's a smaller press, but it's distributed by Simon and Schuster, so my
understanding is that it'll be in all the major chains, like Borders and Barnes
and Noble and others.

Have literally just signed the thing, so we haven't had a chance to talk PR.


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