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>Listening to the narration, this show's theme was to show off all of the new
>tech that WILL BE USED in the IMPENDING war with Iraq that WILL BE TAKING
>No qualifiers. No ifs, ands or buts. Much to my surprise, the war has
>already started.

Of course it has.

Lemme break this down a bit....

First, we've been carrying out an increasing number of air strikes and sorties
against Iraqi targets toward the North for over a year. So in that sense,
we're already in action.

Second the sheer cost factor in moving a couple hundred thousand troops from
here to there is so huge that you can't and don't do that unless you intend to
use them. You don't put that much force in place and then not use them.

Bush and company are going in no matter what is or isn't found in Iraq. And
they'll go in next month, almost certainly. Because, as noted, this has really
little or nothing to do with terrorism; the intent is to redraw the map of the
Middle East. Nothing more, nothing less.

The "war" will last maybe a couple of weeks. If that.

The repercussions...those will go on for decades.

As a Brit once said of World War II, "The duration's gonna be a lot longer than
the war, mate."


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