Re: The Forgotten One (Was Re: Attn JMS: Com-Con panel followup)

 Posted on 8/16/2002 by to rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

>And, lest we forget, Paul Jenkins has had a large hand in this renaissance.
>While JMS is doing some outstanding work now, Mr Jenkins was producing a
>quality Spider book amongst a pile of dross. Some of the nicest Peter Parker
>stories that have been told for years.

Boy, do I ever agree with that. When I was asked to come onto Spidey, they
sent me a bunch of the ASMs preceding me, and Paul's books, and -- and the
thing is, I don't like to rag on somebody else because I don't like it when it
happens to me, but -- I'd read one of the ASMs and just run to one of Paul's
issues to regain my sanity. He's been doing great work for a long time, and
the only thing I regret about my run on Spidey is that the PR has been so
heavily ASM related (and again now with Kevin coming on board) that his book
hasn't been getting the press or attention it really deserves, in my opinion.


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