Re: ATTN JMS: Are you a millionaire ?

 Posted on 7/22/2002 by to

>Yes, yes, the "platform". Again, it begs the question, "What do the
>Democrats (or any other party) do differently, if anything?"

I don't know. Does one legitimize the other? If both are doing something
wrong, does it mean therefore that either are free from criticism? I've never
understood this logic: "Well, HE does it too." So? And in this case we DON"T
know if he/they do it too.

>ame question, did not the Democratic party exact a similar loyalty
>oath for Al Gore from candidates?

Dunno. Are you saying they did? If so, if you know that to be the case, I'd
be interested in hearing about it. If you don't know it to be the case, then
it's just pettifogging.


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