Re: She-Ra???

 Posted on 7/9/2002 by to

>1) Was "She-Ra" so bad that nothing could have elevated it above
> the "waste of precious, God-given moments of life" level?
> 2) Did you, as a writer, phone it in?
>If the answer to both questions is, "No", then you ain't got
>nothin' to be 'shamed of.

The answers are both no, as noted, and I never said I was ashamed of it...there
was some good work done there within the limits of the form.

The chagrin is the same thing you get when somebody finds photos of you from 20
years back. Somewhere, deep in a closet, is a photo of me from the 70s in
Angels Flight pants, a denim shirt and denim vest (with just a hint of fringe),
a denim *cap* and shoulder-length hair (back when I *had* hair), an outfit that
in retrospect is horrifying and even more horrifying to realize that a lot of
that fashion has come BACK.

Writing, for me, is a snapshot of oneself, it says this is who I was at that
time, and what I was thinking, and what I believed.

So SheRa, and that photo, get the same reaction out of me. And it sounds like


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