Re: Attn JMS: S1 DVDs - No Michael O'Hare?

 Posted on 7/6/2002 by to

>Just heard from Ruth. Seems that Michael did indeed get that phone
>message but decided against the interview (she didn't say if for
>scheduling or other reasons) and didn't call back. He also didn't
>mention the call to *Ruth*, who only found out about it when she asked
>him about it a short while ago.
>Well, *I* feel like seven different kinds of idiot for opening up this
>whole can of worms. <g>
><engage Emily Latella voice>
>*Never* miiiiiiiiiiind...

This is why it's best, before raising the alarms, to simply ask what the
situation might be. I'm pretty straightforward in answering these things.


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