Re: Midnight Nation

 Posted on 6/29/2002 by to

>12 issues later
>What a story, absolutely amazing, thought provoking, moving....

Thanks muchly.

>Is your work at marvel going to be solely within their universe and
>exisiting characters (Spidey is great too) or will you have the chance to
>craft some more stand alone work like Midnight Nation again ?

I have a three-pronged deal: stories with established characters in the Marven
Universe, reviving dormant characters in the MU as well as creating new
characters there, and creating wholly new characters in a non-MU situation
allowing me to do pretty much anything I want.

Well, that's not absolutely accurate...when Kevin Smith came on board, he asked
to be given dibs on bringing MJ and Peter together again, if and when that
decision should be made. So in terms of that aspect, all I can do is kind of
play around the edges a bit, the ball is well and truly in Kevin's court, he's
the only one who can resolve and bring them together if that is the way Marvel
wants to go.

I was gonna bring 'em together again shortly, because it was my intent to get
them apart only for a while, but at this point it'll be an if/when situation
between Marvel and Kevin.


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