Re: Smith to pen AMS; JMS to launch new Spidey comic

 Posted on 5/22/2002 by to rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

>The difference, it seems, between you and I is that while I, too, would wish
>the books weren't late, I evidently don't consider it as important as you do
>(this is just my guess based on your posting history recently and not meant
>as an insult) and don't turn any displeasure I have with the books being
>late into a personal attack, which is how you are coming across.

Just as an additional FYI...ASM 41 is coming out next week (the 30th), which is
about 3 weeks after 40. So we're now coming out early to catch up. 42 will
also come out quickly, art schedule allowing. Not that this will make much
difference to the usual suspects....


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