Re: ASM 39- Look who's back...

 Posted on 3/11/2002 by to

>I'd be surprised if they forced JMS. I thought part of the deal with
>him doing the title was that Marvel gave him a lot of control in what
>stories he tells.

They didn't.

>But I also thought I'd heard Joe wasn't interested in writing MJ. So
>... ?

That's the problem with all-or-nothing POVs. I never said that I wasn't
interested in writing MJ. What I said, repeatedly, was that I wanted to clear
away the board for a while so I could concentrate and finding who Peter
Parker/Spider-Man was on his own terms. He'd been so thoroughly surrounded and
basically supplanted by guest cast that he had become a supporting character in
his own book. My theory was always to get everybody else out the door for a
while, clarify his character, and then slowly begin to reintroduce characters
like MJ and JJJ (who appears in the script for #40).


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