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 Posted on 2/14/2002 by to

Just an FYI to those who've been keeping up with the latest issue
of Amazing Spider-Man came out last week, and next week comes issue 10 of
Midnight Nation, leaving just two issues left in that series.

Also, the new series I'm doing for Showtime hits with our first two-hour
premiere on March 3rd, with the series proper debuting a week or so thereafter.
The goal is to air the 18 one-hour episodes pretty much straight through,
without breaks, right through Summer, which would be great, because it gives an
audience an opportunity to catch up with the show and keep up with it.

I'm also giving some thought to doing a couple of convention appearances this
year. I took the last almost two years off all major cons because I always
feel kinda awkward being up there just on my own, I much prefer to be talking
about something outside me, like a show. Otherwise it's just me mouthing off
and I can't imagine anyone sitting still for that for more than a few minutes
let alone an hour or two. With Jeremiah going, and the comics going, and other
projects like Polaris (first two scripts turned in, we'll see what we shall
see) in development, that may be worth the effort.

Nothing's set yet, but I'm giving it serious thought.


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