Re: B5:LotR TLaDiS - Some Observations, Questions, etc. (SPOILERS

 Posted on 1/21/2002 by to

>The wheel had already been invented and perfected in Lightwave. *Use* the
>wheel. If necessary, tweak it some more, but *don't* go to different
>software. To change to Maya is to incur additional work and expense, and
>leave yourself open to the possibility of errors and inconsistancies. This
>kind of thing really pisses me off. The change makes no sense. There are
>times to be conservative, and this was one of them.

Understand, however, that we did not *have* that software, or those images. WB
had literally lost all the CGI archives we gave them every season. All we were
able to get, at the very last moment, was a copy of the ship files we had
given Sierra for the B5 game. That's it.


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