Re: JMS' lateness (was Re: My Pull List for Marvel)

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>Perhaps, I am a bit too upset. Bottom line: I don't like being lied to or
>disrespected. Marvel's (and JMS') behavior in this situation strikes me as
>a bit of both. Being told a title will be available at a certain time only
>to have it come out 5 months later is disrespectful to the reader/consumer.

Just one cotton picking minute here....

The 9/11 issue was written after the events of September 11th. That issue came
out November 15th. How, pray tell, is that 5 months between issues?

The one preceding that was out October 4th.

So we've got

Issue 35 - October 4th
Issue 36 - November 15th
Issue 37 - January 9th

So we're talking here 6 weeks between issues 35 and 36, and a bit over 7 weeks
between issues 36 and 37 (and 37 would've been out earlier but for holiday
stuff that got in the way of finishing production on the issue that had NOTHING
to do with the writing), not 5 MONTHS for chrissakes. So who's the one
stretching the truth here?

You're taking 36 out of the mix as if it doesn't count to stretch this out, and
that is profoundly unfair and untruthful on every level.

>ASM #36 should have been a separate publication (a "9/11 Special") rather
>than an edition of the regular series. There shouldn't have been a 5 month
>gap (4.5 for the more picky people) between issue #35 and what is now #37.

It wasn't a separate issue, so you have to leave it where it is, as noted
above, and even if we DO allow you to delete an entire issue out of the
schedule, Mr. Einstein, between October 4th and January 9th there is a tick
over 3 months, NOT 4.5.

But your desire to take out 36 doesn't wash. It was an issue of ASM, period,
and we're talking about frequency of output on that book, not what you did or
didn't think should BE in that issue.

You're taking your opinion of what should and shouldn't be in an issue and
using it to attack my frequency of work as a professional, that somehow by
doing an issue you didn't think should be there that resulted in a delay that
DOESN'T EXIST anywhere but your own mind.

If the only way to win your argument is to make shit up, you don't really have
much of an argument.

It's been an average of 6-7 weeks between issues instead of the usual 4-5.
That's it.


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