Re: Happy Day Off, Joe!

 Posted on 12/29/2001 by to

>Just think, you'll get another one in a week and then you'll be all rested
>charged up for another seven and a half months or so!

Actually, I already broke my usual run of not working Christmas day, and I'll
probably end up working New Years as well to catch up on everything.

I've just turned in Amazing Spider-Man 39, so I'm now fairly well ahead on
that, I'll get the next Rising Stars out in the next few days, I'm halfway into
a new Jeremiah script and the first of the two Polaris scripts for SFC, so by
the time the "break" is over I may actually be either caught up or close to it.

(And since the other message didn't apparently get through...Delicate Creatures
comes out on the 4th.)


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