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>OK, quite a few years ago on a Saturday morning I was flipping channels
>and came across either "CBS Storytime" or "CBS Storybook", and it was a
>cartoon that apparently was written by you. All I remember was seeing
>"Written By J. Michael Straczynski" over an image of a girl riding a
>horse to a ranch of some sort. I then promptly continued to flip
>channels forgetting it for a long time until recently. Nothing in the
>imdb even close, so, was I hallucinating?


That's the problem with being a writer, all your skeletons aren't in the
closet, they're right out there where things can be found.

This is the ONLY thing I've ever written that can come even close to the term
"cute." I was asked to adapt the kid's book "The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket
Creek" for CBS. I thought it was actually kind of a fun book. It gave me a
chance to have some exchange I came up with, between a kid and a live
talking stegosaurus that just crept up behind him...

"How can somebody as BIG as you be so QUIET?"

(stegosaurus shrugs) "You watch rabbits for two million years, you learn."

Anyway...the production was so cute, so treacly looking, so overdone,
so...urkkkk... that I can't even bear to watch it. They modified a few story
points to make it even more saccherine after it left my typewriter.

It ain't my fault.


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