Re: Rising Stars

 Posted on 4/14/2001 by to

>OK, stupid question time. I'm probably asking the question in the wrong
>but here it goes. I think that No Honor #4 will be released in
>June. Why did Top Cow choose to release two issues of it April? Why not
>issue #3 in May? guess is they're taking advantage of the fact that, as I understand
it, they got all the scripts in for that book early, and since some other books
tend to get delayed for various reasons, they wanted to go the other way for a

But that's only my theory.

>One last thing. Sorry about the 'I'll believe it when I see it' crack. I was
>little disappointed when I found out it was going to be two weeks
>late. I should have held my tongue.

It's okay. We hit a delay when the artist cut out on us, but we're getting
back on track again. The art on this new issue is easiliy the best we've had
to date.

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