Re: ATTN JMS: Wordstar, staying focused, being Trouble

 Posted on 3/23/2001 by to

>I was wondering: do you still use WordStar? I recall reading a post of yours
>some time ago in which you indicated your fondness for it.

Would have, but it wasn't Y2K compliant and I had to dump it because it would
start corrupting files.

>o I surf the Net for
>a while to take my mind off the anxiety, and I end up wasting precious time
>procrastinating. When you were starting out, did you deal with anxiety like
>that? If so, how did you work past it?

This is gonna sound really awful, but...I've never had a problem with the
writing, so it's not something I've had to deal with. I just write. I don't
worry about it. As somebody else once pointed out...on the dance floor, you've
got two guy is running the moves through his head; he's *trying to
dance*. At the other end of the dance floor is Fred Astaire. He's just

I don't *try* to write. I just *write*.


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