Re: Attn JMS: Inspiration Supervision

 Posted on 3/23/2001 by to

>With all these projects on the go and having a job that requires a fair deal
>of inspiration. How do you stop thinking about one project whilst you are
>writing another ?

I don't.

>Say if you're halfway through (English spelling theres at least 5 redundant
>letters in there !!) writing a Rising Stars issue and have a great idea for
>Midnight Nation how do you get it out of your head and carry on with what
>youre doing ?

I don't...for what it's worth, I kinda multitask. While I'm working on A, my
brain is chugging away in the background on B, C and D. At various points
along the way, there'll be this little *ding!* in the back of my head, like a
toaster going off, and something will have been worked out with B, C or D. It
pops up, I register it, and if it's something I can retain, I shove it back
into my head and keep working on A. If it's a big scene, or something fairly
complex, I shrink A, open the file for B, write it in, then go back to A
(assuming A is on deadline; otherwise I'll stick with B until C, D or A ding at

It's all kind of going on simultaneously; I don't look to closely at the
process, having fully understood the story of the centipede asked which foot he
moves first....


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