Re: ATTN JMS: any other announcements?

 Posted on 3/1/2001 by to

>On Feb 13 you mentioned a few rather exciting news items and then stated
>that there were other big announcements coming - possibly next week.
>Were those announcements made, or are they still on simmer?

I'll be posting this to the other thread asking the same question, just to save
time recomposing (or decomposing, I suppose)...

Here's my dilemma: there are two definite go projects that I can announce. But
I can't announce either of them because it's not within my purview to do so.
The studios have to make those announcements.

The problem is that one deal has only recently been concluded, and the other --
a done deal since January -- has been awaiting the studio PR department to put
out a press release. They haven't been in any particular hurry to do so since
(information deleted) won't start until the Fall.

So I've basically been going insane since January, with Big News to announce,
but not being able to say *anything* because it would be a serious breach of
studio protocol. If I so much as eep they'll beat the crap out of me (and
rightly so, to be fair about it).

So I'm waiting as much as you are...with the exception that as a result of both
these projects going ahead, I'm drowning in work and can't spend that much time
thinking about how I'm going nuts.


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