Attn JMS: ANFAW Pan and Scan a simple error?

 Posted on 11/23/2000 by to

>I didn't watch or tape this episode, but apparently it was panned and
>scanned so that the text was always shown but then moved into a better
>position when there was no text. This would have to be deliberately
>done, and whomever is responsible chose to keep their mouth(s) shut
>regarding this.

First, understand that you're dealing with different arms of the same octopus.
One arm selects which versions go into the machine. Down the road, a week or a
month later, somebody else loads those transfers and is told to make sure the
things are letterboxed. As it goes through that process, that person notes
that some elements are below they pan and scan. They do what
they're told with what they have.

>It may not be the sci-fi channels fault, but not checking the remaing
>seasons because season 1 was OK wasn't very smart.

It is, however, pretty standard.

>I think that everyone is a little too quick to pass the blame, when a
>thorough check by the seller(WB) or the (sellee) or by having someone
>that knows the show (fiona?) oversee the transfer. I think those three
>parties as well as the subcontractor need to take some responsibility

Fiona has nothing to do with video transfers. Has never HAD anything to do with
video transfers. So knock that one out of your list right off the bat.

Should WB have checked? Yes. I imagine SFC did check, and found them correct
initially. They had no more reason to check the rest than I would've had.

And WB is currently fixing the situation. They say that (barring unforeseen
events) they should have the transfers in place in time for S4 airings, and
right thereafter in subsequent runs, and at my request they are going to pay
particular attention to the audio elements.

>I think that everyone is a little too quick to pass the blame

And there are always those a little too quick to *assign* blame to those who
have nothing to do with the problem. See above.


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