The Shadow's Long-Term Memory Problem

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> why approach G'Kar, then,
>a follower of G'Quon and thus among those people most likely to one day open
>his holy book and see that familiar picture, instead of some equally
>unprincipled Narn who worships G'Lan and will never get wise to their
>history on Narn?

The error you're making is the assumption that the shadows would know as much
about our characters as you, the audience, do. "Well, *I* know all about him
being a follower of G'Lan, so why don't they?" Because you're watching the
show, they're not. They sent Morden on a fishing expedition to see what they
could find because they've been gone a long time and want a sense of the room,
and who would bite.

As for Delenn...remember, the Vorlons had only RECENTLY made contact with the
Minbari -- which we, as audience members, know but they don't. So they would
naturally be curious to see what the situation was there...remember, some
Minbari didn't even BELIEVE the Shadows were back or would eve be a threat

And finally, you must remember that the shadows didn't just come out and
introduce themselves...they were known only as Morden's associates for a long
time, and would've kept their real identity secret as long as possible, which
would've made it easier to manipulate anyone who "bit" (as was the case with

The universe is a big place, and the shadows have been gone a long, long
time...of those endless billions of souls, we see a few of them via B5, and
thus the viewer has knowlege other characters or players don't. That's not a
failing on the part of the other characters.

>But okay, let's say I completely accept your argument, which I don't. <G>


But it's my show, so I win.


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