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BTW, and appropos of absolutely nothing...

I heard recently from a fellow who's in the process of archiving my postings
about B5 during its 5 year run.

He's still tracking stuff down, but so far he's tracked down SEVENTEEN THOUSAND
posts I wrote during that period in answer to questions from viewers and fans
and general stuff.

The breakdown so far, he said, comes out to:

usenet 5084
genie 3525
compuserve 8029
aol 547

If we figure an average of 100 words per message, less than half a page --
sometimes it was less, usually it was more -- that works out to 1,700,000

Now, divide THAT by 100,000 words (whihch is a goodly length for a novel or
nonfiction book; you can get away with as little as 80,000 words but 100,000 is
a good, hefty novel), that works out to...


That's writing a little over 3 full length books per year for five years on the
net, this in addition to the show itself, which in wordage meant writing the
equivilant of one novel every five months or so.

So the writing, all in, for those five years, scripts and postings combined,
equaled about 5 books per year.

I'm gonna go lay down....


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