new jms tv series

 Posted on 8/27/2000 by to

>incidentally, after looking through the long list of shows jms has done, i
>i unknowingly have enjoyed nearly everything with his name on it(i didn't
>know who he was until late in B5S5), so i'm fairly sur i'll enjoy the new

I've been getting this a lot from people lately. "Oh, I just knew you from B5,
I didn't know you had done (fill in the gap) until I was watching my old tapes
the other day and...." Sometimes it's Murder She Wrote, but more often it's
The Real Ghostbusters or Jayce or He-Man or Twilight Zone or Captain Power or,
well, pick one...which invariably gets followed by, "I *grew up as a kid*
watching your stuff."

At which point I want to smite them with a very large mallet. Or a very large
mallard, whichever is nearer at hand.


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