ATTN JMS: Your New Series

 Posted on 8/27/2000 by to

>I heard that you signed the deal to do a new SF-series for a
>pay-channel. That's fantastic! At least it's for a channel that will
>give you more creative-freedom. I also heard that you can't say much
>about the deal yet, but can you tell us which pay-cable network it's
>going to be on? I guess I'll have to subscribe!

To specify more than I have -- narrowing it down to just the pay cable
networks, which leaves just HBO, Showtime and TMC -- would constitute an
announcement and subvert the authority of those who should rightly make that
announcement, and without their consent I can't do that.

It's kind of like the early year or so of B5's history, when it was TWCBN, That
Which Cannot Be Named. I'll talk about it more when I can.


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