JMS: Rights? Licenses?

 Posted on 3/31/2000 by to

>Can you explain a bit about how rights work? I understand that WB owns
>5 and Crusade. Does this mean that you actually have to get their permission
>whenever you want to write something in those universes?


>Or can/did you reserve
>those rights at the time you sold it to them?

Nope. Studios own series whole hog.

>What about the other authors who
>write the B5 novels or short stories?

Those are done under the purview of a license between the publisher and WB.

>And how do licenses fit in? Specifically regarding the B5 Magazine.

Company X pays WB Y dollars to use the B5 images/likenesses/material in a
product (magazine, book, toy, whatever) for Z years.


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