ATTN: JMS Crusade Jacket quality

 Posted on 12/30/1999 by to

>Opened box for Crusade jacket with some forboding because ordering
>clothing online is not something I do easily. Software, okay, but clothing
>is so personal. However, I am VERY impressed with the quality of material
>(classy), design (simple but elegant), embroidery (tight, bright and
>proportioned) and overall proportions and shape.

Thanks. You have to understand that what we did was to make the jackets
*identical in every way* with the ones we gave the cast and crew in workmanship
and quality. That's why it's kind of a big deal. It costs a hell of a lot to
get that quality, so there really ain't much profit in it, but if we were going
to do it, I wanted it done right.

>That said, I couldn't help bring back an old but related topic, namely the
>Babylon 5 jackets.

We're planning those for the spring, again in a limited edition.


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