This rests on your shoulders.

 Posted on 11/30/1999 by to

>What do *you* think souls are? I would never 'define' souls, but since you
>didn't say you outright did not believe in souls, your belief must go at
>least to a certain point.

But of course the definition is key to asking and answering the question.
Unless one can say what one means one can never mean what one says. If you're
talking about an immortal soul that goes to heaven or hell...then my answer is
no. If you're talking about the personality, as in "she's a very soulful
person," or having a lot of soul in one's work...then that's a whole different
*concept*, and in that case being more psychological than spiritual, then the
answer is yes.

As someone else once said...god is in the details. Literally, in this


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