ATTN JMS: Strange "Rising Stars" Promo

 Posted on 11/27/1999 by to

> On the other hand, the listing announcing "Rising Stars" #5 for
>January 2000 was decidedly different:
> The unknown issue! Tempers reach an all time high as deadline
> crunches weigh heavy on the shoulders of all! Atist, inker and
> colorist are still unknown but JMS will still deliver one heck of
> a story. Soon to be lengthened into a 900 page novel, grab
> yours today. Peace!
>What's *that* all about?

I've no idea, since the script for #5 was turned in *ages* ago. In general,
the scripts have stayed 3 issues ahead of the publishing schedule. And even
before it was turned in, I provided TC with a synopsis of the story for use in


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