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>My question is, is there a
>time limit on this contract? If so, how long before it expires? Are there
>other stipulations such as requiring them to air the reruns (even if it is
>in a really crappy time slot)? Has anybody (SCI-FI Channel included)
>expressed interest at picking up the reruns after TNT's contract expires or
>is it way to early for that? And is Crusade part of the same contract or
>is it another deal all together

I believe that the license for TNT to run B5 runs through late 2001, so it
would be available thereafter.

>And speaking of Crusade, is it officially 100% dead yet? I know that
>budget concerns were the initial reasons SCI-FI couldn't pick it up (at
>least that's the story we were told) and I know they've cancelled Slider's
>and Poltergeist, but they're also producing a couple of new series, so is
>there still no room in their budget for Crusade or is it too late even if
>there were (what with your other projects and expired actor contracts,

My feeling is that if it hasn't happened by now, it's probably not going to.
The efforts made by the fans have been terrific, and appreciated, and valued by
all involved...but if it were to happen, it would have had to have happened by
now, I think. Mind, I could be wrong, odder things have happened, but that's
how it looks to me at this point.


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