Bad Feelings About the Fan Club Script Offerings

 Posted on 8/29/1999 by to

>Of course, what is being offered are cheaply produced expensive
>"collectors items." It really gives me a bad feeling and I hope more
>thought will go into this.

There's several differences. You're getting the acutal physical *script*, not
a published version OF a script, the real deal.

Second, the Art of Star Wars published several hundred thousand copies of that
script; collector's value is zero. We will be putting out, at most, a few
hundred copies of each one. The rarer something is, the more it costs, and the
greater its value.

Third, the $25 price ($20 for an episode) is equal to or less than what is
charged by script houses.

Fouth, unlike these script houses that copy scripts unlawfully and never pay a
dime to the author or the studio, all the B5 authors whose scripts we publish,
like Larry or David or DC or others, will get a 10% commission on the sales.


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