ATTN:JMS Crusade confusing (SPOILERS for AAOD & RTN)

 Posted on 8/22/1999 by to

>Now, after watching the episode "Appearences and Other Deceits", obviously
>episodes filmed, (#6-13) were filmed to have to air before #1-5. Why would
>someone do that?? JMS is also quoted to say that the last 5 to air are the
>best. Again, why would you do that? You are wanting a campaign to try and
>your series, yet you show the crappy episodes first, and drive the viewership

Let me ask you a real simple question:

What makes you think it was my decision?

TNT wanted the "new-look" episodes aired first. They wanted to push the first
5 back as far as possible. I initially figured we'd do 5-6 of the "new look"
ones first, the minimum possible, then the first 5, then the new-look (black
uniform) ones to the end.

TNT *mandated* that the black-uniform ones would go first. It was not my
choice. I have NO control over broadcast.

Not only did they want to hold them back, they were debating if they'd even
allow us to FINISH post on the first 5. It was a struggle to let them finish
'em, and they were the last ones to go through post.

Before you fire, it's always a good idea to know what the target is first.


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