Crusade So Far

 Posted on 7/30/1999 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Peter Kazmir <> asks:
> How do you feel (personally) about the ratings so far?
> Is this about what you expected?
> Better?
> Worse?
> Then the question that everyone's asking (couldn't help
> it)...what do you feel about it's chances on being picked up by
> SciFi (or someone else)?

The ratings are about what I'd expect given the level of support
(you'll note they're not even providing TV Guide with loglines any more
for the listings, something that would've been decided upon weeks ago
given the lead time of a magazine like that). All during production
they kept talking about the first six episodes being their main
interest, which signaled then what's happened since, that they wouldn't
support it past the first 6, which is the bare minimum required.

I have no information yet on whether it'll finally end up
somewhere else; could be, might not, no way to know. Either way, I'm
sanguine. All I can do is make the show that I feel I have to make for
reasons of conscience, to the best of my ability to make it. I did
that. There are other projects in the works, so if it doesn't go, or
if it does, either way I'm covered.