Harlan Ellison and Lennier

 Posted on 7/23/1999 by jmsatb5@aol.com to rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

><<The lie that to believe, you have to believe that Ellison boasted about
>after a few drinks.>>
>And I have good reason to believe its true as a friend of mine, who is a
>writer, has attended writing confrences where Ellison has been a guest and
>mentioned to me that Ellison has indeed been known to drink alcoholic
>in the past.
>If Ellison is indeed claiming he hasn't had a touch of alcohol in the past 40
>years than, based on my friend's account, I have even more reason not to
>believe what Harlan says regarding this issue.

Von Bruno...your friend is a liar. Pure and simple.

I've known Harlan more than 10 years. I have met others who have known him for
50 or more. He does not drink, ever, and never has. Alcohol literally makes
him ill. This is a man who can literally get nailed by an over-the-counter

Further, when Harlan was putting together the CITY book, he had a lot of the
materials out on his desk and open area where he was working. He showed some
of them to me, including *the actual draft he gave Roddenberry initially*.
It's aged and has all the marks of the submission draft. It's EXACTLY THE SAME
as the one that won the WGA award.

It was NOT polished or changed, and Harlan did NOT say any such nonsense over a
drink because he does not drink. How your friend could have seen something
that no other living person I have met who has known Harlan in 50 years goes
beyond belief.

Your friend knows what he's saying? Then fine: I've put my name on the line
here, have your friend do the same. Tell us who he is. Where and when the
incident took place. If he remembers all this, then surely he must remember
the rest.

He won't be able to. Because what your friend said is purest BS.


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