ATTN JMS: Short order?

 Posted on 7/22/1999 by to

>you keep referring to the modified broadcast order of Crusade as the
>"short order". What does that mean, and why was a modification made?
>(I know that it was caused by TNTs meddling, and the insertion of "War
>Zone" as the first ep., but I don't see why you would have to change
>the order of the following eps.)

A short order is anything less than 22 eps.

The airing order was changed by the short order for the following reason...and
you're going to have to work to stay with this.

We made a change in uniforms after episode 5. So the plan was to air the first
5 or 6 episodes with the new costumes, then using a bridge episode (#6, which
you'll actually see next week) pave the way for the old costumes, then after
those five, go back (with another bridge episode) go back to the new costumes.

But we never got to make the second bridge episode. So we had to put all the
new uniform episodes in one clump at the start, and the old ones at the end.
"Patterns" and "Rules" for instance would have aired after the first 5/old


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