Attn: JMS, re: "The Long Road" (No Spoilers)

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>1) Will any of the episodes produced so far focus on the character portrayed
>by Daniel Dae Kim (Lt. Matheson (?))? At this point he strikes me as being
>most intriguing and mysterious new character on the show as I don't think he
>has had more than a few bits of dialogue.

Yes, "Path of Sorrows," airing in about 2 weeks.

>2) Is there any part of the Galen character and the Technomages that is a
>of the hat to Dr. Who and the Timelords? I am a very fond of that BBC show,
>feel that, if my impression is correct, than that is way, way cool.


>3) Now, that I've seen, and been impressed by, B5: Crusade I am left
>whether there has been any indications from either TNT or Sci-Fi about
>interest in picking up the series? Based on what I watched last night I am
>by the fact that TNT was less than thrilled by what you were giving them.

Not at this time.


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