Attn :JMS - Costumes ?? for The Long Road (spoilers)

 Posted on 6/18/1999 by to

>Well, after seeing The Long Road again tonight, I
>hadn't noticed that he was actually wearing a trenchcoat this time. Was
>this episode one of the ones filmed after the initial hiatus when some
>of the set and costumes were changed, or do his costumes change a lot in
>each episode?

They were all filmed in the same batch; and he does have a couple of
changes.>One other quick question. Alwyn mentions to the miners that he has
>among them for nearly 12 years, but he also mentions that he chose not
>to join the other Technomages when they left known space. Since that
>happened in Season 2 of B5, and Crusade is about 5 years after B5, I get
>about 9 years, using all my fingers and toes. So, where do the other 3
>years come into play?

He had been there for a few years prior to the great exodus. (His background
is explored in more detail in one of the technomage novels.)


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