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 Posted on 4/27/1999 by to

>Wes, it looks like I'll have to update straczynksi'ed to include a secondary
>definition: straczynskied - (1) vt past tense - To be inspired towards
>simultaneous and profound curiosity, anticipation, awe, dread, and somber
>reflection through the skillful use of misdirection, foreshadowing, mental
>torture, and other literary devices leading to disturbed sleep, frightening
>nightmares, hallucinations, compulsive behavior, and general obsession. (2)
>vt past tense - To be obliterated by a large asteroid with the name 8379
>STRACZYNSKI that doesn't go boom

Oddly, I heard a while back from some Russian speaking folks, and depending on
how you pronounce it and where you put the inflection, Straczynski can mean
either "terror" or "passion." I kind of like the symmetry of both....


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