JMS: A couple of Crusade questions

 Posted on 1/19/1999 by to

>Has the delay in starting the broadcast helped or hindered you in
>production? I can see how having some extra time in preparation can be
>a help, but I imagine it can also encourage a little too much fiddling
>around in search of perfection.

No real impact either way...we contract with our CGI and stuff to be done by a
given date, and that date can't be expanded without additional fees, so it will
still get done in the same amount of time.

>Question 2: assuming that the report of the content of "Appearances and
>Other Deceits" is correct, what was the creative process involved in
>coming up with this solution? Was it one of those blinding flashes of
>revelation or was it a more mundane logical solution?

I was just thinking about how to use the changes to the benefit of the story
rather than an annoyance, thought of my reaction to the level of annoyance,
wondered how Gideon would react, and just started giggling...figured I could
turn it around and in a sense take a shot across someone's there it


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