Vertical Vertigo

 Posted on 10/13/1998 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Rebecca Eschliman <> asks:
> As someone who's had dealings with agencies of one of the four
> vertical-integration giants cited (Time-Warner), would you align
> yourself with the "many creative types" who "decry vertical
> integration, seeing it also as a major reason for the decline in
> the quality of TV shows?" Since you've previously mentioned that
> you have other projects in development, is the possibility of
> getting any of them to market made more difficult by vertical
> integration?

....joe does not understand vertical integration...joe
wonders if that means that all standing people all have the right to
use the same washroom and the same fountain and stand in the front of
the bus...joe not business type...barely understands these things...joe
will read article, fall down, try to reply at a later date....


(brother to zathras)