Crusade Crisis??????

 Posted on 9/20/1998 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

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> The TNT memo was apparently real; however, the egregious points have
> now been withdrawn, and on top of that, TNT has allocated a big chunk
> of change to let us build some new sets and expand stuff.

> Hey! That's WONDERFUL news!

What we've done is to try and expedite this so we can have the
new stuff in hand for the maximum number of episodes as quickly as
possible. We always take a one-week hiatus in every block of episodes
we shoot, all the way through B5's history and now. One week around
the start of October (depending on the start of filming), then the
Christmas break, then another one-week hiatus midway through the last
10 episodes.

So what we did here was to add on three weeks to the hiatus,
starting Tuesday. Well, three paid weeks off for most of the crew
directly involved with the actual filming, anyway. Construction, art
department, props, wardrobe and other departments will still be working
away to build and dress the sets and stuff so we can get right back
into shooting on with the new stuff in place.

We're talking here improvements to the corridors, to the
quarters to enlarge them, adding a wardroom/mess hall, an exercise
area...other stuff. We generally add sets each season, and wanted to do
these down the road, but now we have the chance to do them now.