B5 at ComicCon Canceled

 Posted on 8/14/1998 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

I've left email for the folks at San Diego Comic Con, but
haven't yet heard back, and I want folks to have the most time to
adjust their schedules.

As the doctor predicted, the pneumonia -- after a week of
feeling a little better -- has rebouned with a vengeance. Going back
in today for a follow-up exam and more workups. It's not as bad as it
would've been had I gone to WorldCon (that's what they keep telling me;
feeling as I do I have a hard time believing it because if it's true, I
can't even imagine what that would be like given what it's like *now*),
but it's laid me pretty low.

Consequently, I won't be able to do the B5 presentation at San
Diego Comic Con on Saturday, or be there for the autographing session.
There isn't any way to set up a replacement person and material, so
it's going to have to be canceled outright.

SDCC is one of my two favorite conventions, that and LosCon; I
haven't missed either in something on the order of 12 years. (If
nothing else I go to SDCC just to shop in the dealer's room for cool
Superman stuff.) But this record has to be broken, much to my
considerable dismay.