Re: ATTN JMS: Your alter ego???

 Posted on 5/31/1998 by to

>My question is this -- was G'Kar always intended to be such an articulate
>and wise character?

Yeah, he was always set to grow into this.

> Does he serve as your favorite mouthpiece and alter


>And if so, is this because the character resonates with you, or does
>Andreas' superb acting skill have something to do with it?

I think it's both. Making G'Kar more of a writer, I've been able to get out
some of that...and knowing that whatever I write, Andreas can bring to life is
a big plus.

>In short, is it the character or the actor which seems to draw the best
>writing out of you? Over time I assume that you start writing to actors'

If you held a gun to my head, I'd have to say that of the scenes I write, the
ones with both G'Kar and Londo are the ones that somehow just sing...I could
write about those guys nonstop, and never get tired of it. There's just some
dynamic that comes into place more when they're together than seperately.


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