Re: Noble Dignity in Meditations

 Posted on 5/31/1998 by to

>I have returned to read this, with the rhythms of Corwin still ringing in my
>ears and through my veins -- and what I hear is one of Corwin's spiritual
>sons at work while at leisure, here on the Net!

(allows a quiet smile)

There are a number of us who call ourselves Norman's Kids; we who drew on his
inspiration and his words. Others who have so identified themselves in one way
or another are Ray Bradbury, Rod Serling, Charles Kuralt, Edward R Murrow,
Walter Cronkite, Stan Freberg and many, many others.

Every once in a while, I'll think that something I've done reads a little bit
close to something Norman Corwin would've written, and excusing the hubris of
that, it's a tough goal to hit.


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