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>> B5 has been very refreshing. Besides being a wonderful story, for me
>> very remeniscent of the first time I read the Lord of the Rings, I have
>> found in the treatment of religion an the acceptance of its place in the
>> human condition.

Here's a funny aside.

I got an email not long ago from a female pastor out in the midwest, who said
she had just come back from one of these multi-faith, interdenominational
retreats where everybody tries to find some common ground.

Apparently the first day went pretty slow, lots of false starts and stops, then
that evening, at dinner, somebody mentioned B5...and in short order you had a
bunch of pastors, preachers, rabbis, priests, buddhist monks and others all
pitching in with their own reactions to the show, and their interpretations.

I think that's kinda cool.


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