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>The biggest benefit for me from all of this is developing consistency.
>Watching you being consistent and true to your word and your past is a great
>inspiration. Now, more than ever, I do my best to be like you in this
>matter. That way, my past never 'catches up to me', so to speak.

Thanks. One of the few things a person has of any real value is his word.
Once given, you have to keep it. That's a big deal with me. And I tend to
expect the same from others. I guess it comes in part from having gotten a lot
of promises as a kid growing up, which never came to fruition. Promises were
made to assuage guilt and soften disappointment. I vowed that if I gave
someone my word, then by god I was going to keep it.

Similarly, I try to repay the other side of things. One of my other beliefs
(could there be ANYthing more tedious than this, he thought, looking back over
the last couple of self-indulgent paragraphs) is that I never forget a kindness
given, or an injury received. Probably not the most well-balanced of all
philosophies, but it works for me.

>I know you occasionally fly off the handle, but who doesn't? Not only have
>you created a great story, but you've shown that someone can really be a
>solid, unmovable rock in a harsh storm of senselessness. And sometimes, you
>have to throw that rock at a few people.

I like that, and I may steal it for myself. Thanks.


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