Re: How much does an actor cost?

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>I'm now reading that the £14000 paid to Wolf for the ITB screening is the
>fee for getting the actors to appear. This still seems rather a lot, but
>maybe Americans have different expectations? It seems a US actor gets
>paid more than a UK one. Does this kind of money seem extortionate to
>Americans, 'cos it does to me.

That is absolutely not the case. The actors are being paid their main fees by
the convention, for the convention, has nothing to do with the screening. They
were offered a *small stipend* to also show up at the screening. Again, I
can't break the confidentiality of the actors, but I can say that if every
person who came paid about 2-3 pounds, it would cover the whole nut.

Which has nothing to do with the fact that Wolf *cannot* charge for this
screening, which was set aside to be free for the fans, and as far as I know,
will not be allowed to do so.


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