Cast Decline Crusade

 Posted on 5/28/1998 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

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One last follow-up to underline why I suggested Jerry not go for
the option. A CONTRACT is a *guarantee* that you will pay X actor Y
dollars to appear in Z episodes. An OPTION ensure's the studio's
*right* to your services, but does not *guarantee* them. So you can be
under option, and at the last moment, the studio can decide not to
exercise that option...and you get nothing.

Why is this important? Because all of the actors are out now
looking to build on what they've established in their careers over 5
years of B5, with possibilities of leads on other better-paying network
gigs, features, who knows. But if you go to network A and they want
you, but find out that someone else has an option on you that may
preclude you from working for them, then they're going to find someone

An option like this ties you down, with the possibility of not
getting any other work, and in the end may not even be exercised.
Coming hot off the big fifth year promotion, I can see why this might
not be high on someone's list of possibilities.