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>This is my point, how did you and the production designers work on
>this. Did you give them an outline of a few points and discuss the
>feel \ look or did you give them a broad brush to be creative and come
>up with something seriously cool?

It's hard to's a long process of give and take. John Copeland and
I both knew we wanted something different, a new kind of look, and we went back
and forth discussing it between us until we were ready to talk to the
production design folk. We told them in general terms what we were looking
for...then they went away, and came back with several preliminary designs. We
sat and talked about them, made revisions and suggestions, threw one thing out,
kept the other thing, got another version done, and on and on until there was
something that we felt worked. Ditto for the CGI version (for which there is a
very early version on the B5 fan club site). The final look of the CGI is much
sleeker and more refined.

>What about costume design and alien design. Again is this a case of
>you setting a rough overall position on what you want or is it more
>hands on?

Same process. I discuss with Optic Nerve and the costume folks what I have in
mind. They go away and come up with drawings. They submit those drawings;
John and I go over them, pick the ones we like, suggest modifications, toss out
what we don't like, and the process of refinement continues.


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