No more Bester?

 Posted on 5/27/1998 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Vadim Naroditsky <> asks:
> Does it mean you haven't decided or you just don't want to tell
> us? BTW, out of curiosity - how old are you (at least the age
> group)?

Meaning I know but I ain't telling.

And I'm 43.

Funny story there...I had occasion to take a cab recently, and I
get in, and the driver is this Russian guy, medium-accent. He looks
back, and he says, "I am trying to decide which of us is older, you or
me." Jokingly, I suggest that it's probably me, and he says, "No, it
is probably me. I am 52. I am guessing you are...48."

"Actually, I'm 43," I said.

"FORTY THREE?!" he says...and damn near drives off the road.

I shrug. "I've had a hard life."

"Must be," he said, shaking his head.