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>I am curious as to why Walter Koenig (who as far as I
>can tell has appeared in more S5 eps than either Mumy or Furst) is left out
>the canned opening credit sequence. Is this due to contractual
>Stylistic reasons (i.e. a no "bad" guys policy)?

No, you put someone in the main titles when you make an overall deal, usually 8
episodes or more, with an actor in advance of the season. With Walter, we
average about 4 eps per season, and they are each negotiated individually, as
they come up.

>I have one acquaintance - a S.T.
>fanatic -
>who solely justifies his condemnation of B5 as a S.T. clone by Koenig's
>presence.... Kinda makes you wanna clean the gene pool, but there you have

So in other words, your friend thinks that an actor who is in one successful
show should never work in the TV business, ever again, on any other show,
whether he's a good actor or not.

Your friend is a yutz.


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