Re: Strange Thought (Goes back to Season 1)

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>Say that Sinclair hadn't been reassigned to Minbar and had gotten married
>to Catherine Sakai. Would she have been on the Icarus on its mission to
>Z'ha'dum? I'm trying to remember if she did work for IPX (think she did).
>Would that then had been the driving force for Sinclair (and not Sheridan)
>to go to Z'ha'dum?
No, for one simple reason.

The Shadows were already on the loose in Season 1, if we recall correctly. Mr.
Morden was running around, and the Shadows were cleaning Lord Kiro's clock and
restoring the Eye to Londo.

The mission to Z'ha'dum had already taken place, and the shadows were already
on the the scenario you suggest was simply not possible.


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